Thermocouple Ceramic 230mm -

Thermocouple Ceramic 230mm -

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Part Number : THERMO001

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Our stock is held at various locations in the UK and also abroad at key supplier sites.

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Thermocouple Ceramic 230mm, manufactured by Waste Spectrum.

Thermocouple Ceramic 230Mm for Waste Spectrum boilers. This part is sold and distributed in the UK by Biomass Spares Online.. Please contact us if you have any questions about this spare part (manufacturers part no. THERMO001), on When speaking with one of our heat and power product advisors, please mention the following internal part code: SP.WS-THERMO001

Thermocouple Ceramic 230mm - Waste Spectrum is compatible with biomass heat and power systems with boilers made by: Waste Spectrum, system-waste spectrum

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