Exploded Drawings for Herz Firematic 130-201kW > HEC

  • HERZ FIREMATIC 130-201kW ➡ HEC

    Drawing Ref. Man. Part No. Description Product Code
    1,70 H031757-490 Complete Front Drive Shaft SP.00.00199
    1,70,2 H031757-466 Support plate request price
    1,71 H031757-495 Complete Front Drive Shaft 2 - FM130-201 SP.00.00188
    1,72 H031757-496 Back Drive Shaft 1 (1,72) SP.00.00262
    1,73 H031757-497 Back Drive Shaft 2 (1,73) SP.00.00309
    1,74 H031757-449 Compl. HEC motor lever SP.00.00149
    1,74,2 H030807-421 Bearing bush for heat exchanger mechanism, for Firematic 130-201kW boiler SP.00.01000
    1,76 H030807-413 Joint Rod 2 HEC - Fm 80 100 175 SP.00.00256
    1,77 H033007-430 Drive Rod with Joints SP.00.00266
    1,80 H031757-493 Front Row Turbulator Complete ( FM130/201) SP.00.00308
    1,81 H031757-485 Front Turbulator Row Separate FM130-201 SP.00.00261
    1,81,1 H030807-800 Front turbulator - single row. For Firematic 130-201kW SP.00.00721
    1,81,2 HE31757-465 Turbulator linkage request price
    1,81,3 H030507-403 Turbulator holder, part 1, for Firematic 130-201kW boiler SP.00.01001
    1,81,4 H031757-467 Turbulator holder, part 3, for Firematic 130-201kW boiler SP.00.01002
    1,81,5 H031757-489 Connection rod with screw request price
    1,81,6 H031757-465 Front lever HEC request price
    1,81,7 H031757-464 Turbulator holder request price