Boiler Part Sourcing

We are continually developing our parts site but we will never have all parts for all biomass boiler types. However, we regularly supply spare parts to service engineers and boiler owners for the boiler brands listed below the form.

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Boiler Makes

Ala-Talkkari (Veto) HDG Polytechnik
Ariterm Heizomat Ranheat
Binder Herz Reka
Bioflame Hoval Schmidt
Biokompakt Justsen SHC
Biotech Kalvis Smart
CATfire KARA Solarfocus
Compte.r KIV Sommerauer & Lindner
CST KOB Streble
D'Alessandro Kohlbach Talbotts
Eco Angus Komforts Tatano
Effecta Kriger Termofarc
Endress KSM ThermoFLUX
ETA Kurri Topling
Evoworld KWB Trianco
Extraflame Linka Twin Heat
Farm 2000 Mawera Unical
Froling MCZ / RED Uniconfort
Gillies Mescoli Viessmann
Grant Multi-bio Weiss
Guntamatic Okofen WES
Hammont Other Windhager
Hargassner Passat Woodpecker